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The meaniang of the Strength tarot card The Chariot tarot card meaning

Posted by on Mar 17, 2016 in Reversed card, Strength tarot card, Tarot card meaning |

The meaning of the Strength tarot card

The Strength tarot card is filled with a wonderful energy. This is not unbridled power, but rather controlled strength that comes from taming your wild nature. It is a higher power that brings resoluteness, fortitude and determination.
In understanding the Strength tarot card, we come to understand we have the strength to endure in any obstacles we may find in our path. The card shows that self-confidence, intensity and the necessity to balance you physical strength with spiritual power to reach your goals.

There may also be an indication that hidden forces are at work. Your strength does not have to manifest itself in an open and visible way. Instead, this card may indicate an inner power that you have which provides you with strength when you need it. Read more about tarot strength card at

However, the power manifests, always remember to respect it and master it, lest it master you.

Reversed Meaning Of The Strength Tarot Card
img4506a0a0zikdzjWhen the Strength tarot card falls reversed it can signify that your power might be out of balance – perhaps through being overbearing, too pushy or simply driving too hard. However, a reversed card can also indicate a lack of strength. Perhaps you may be failing to accomplish something, not committing fully to an issue, or even feeling like your efforts are futile and unable to effect change.
Just as balance is important, so a reversed Strength card in your tarot reading can also indicate that you may be succumbing to a temptation, or even feeling some form of internal strife.


The Chariot tarot card meaning
A mighty warrior who vanquishes his enemies, the Chariot is a conqueror. With mighty steeds powering his chariot, he remains firmly in control of the reins and can direct his unstoppable power wherever he wishes.

The Chariot tarot card represents focused willpower that can allow you to achieve anything and overcome any obstacle. Just like the Chariot is in motion, so you should be prepared to drive forward and break out of situations that may have you stagnated.

A lone warrior, the Chariot also indicates self-reliance and a confidence in your abilities. You must win your battles yourself for there are no supporting troops that you can call on.

Because this is a card that indicates conflict, you should be prepared for a rough ride ahead. However, if you are resolute and brave, noting will be able to stand in your way. However, always understand that a victory over adversity brings new beginnings and is not an end in itself.

Reversed Meaning Of The Chariot Tarot Card

tarotThe Chariot tarot card reversed implies defeat and failure. You may have stagnated in your approach and the wheels of your chariot are stuck. This weapon of war overcomes by its momentum, so a reversed card implies you are moving nowhere.
When falling reversed the Chariot tarot card can also indicate a failure to meet a challenge head on. If you do not charge in and face the obstacles in your path, then you cannot be victorious. However, doing so requires courage, so aging a lack of bravery to face to a problem may be implied.